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You will need the Qicktime plug-in/viewer application to view these videos. Macs have this built in, so if you are a PC user, you will need to install Quicktime. It is free and a great program to have on your machine anyway. It is the highest quality video viewer available.

Quicktime will also start streaming the video almost immediately, so just wait a few seconds and then you can hit the play button. When you see the little gray bar starting to fill in to the right of the play marker, that shows that the video is loading/streaming.

To download the FREE software, CLICK HERE, and follow the instructions. It's very easy.


Short movies that explain and define various aspects of horn playing and teaching. The "Buzzy Buzz" movie is about getting a good vibration and using that skill to increase your range. The "Good Breath" video defines a good breath and demonstrates the use of the Voldyne and Breath Builder breathing devices.

NOTE: These are NOT videos from the DVDs. The DVD segments are more extensive and have better lighting. : ) I think watching these videos can, however, give you an idea of how informative and powerful the video medium can be.

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