Horn Links

WindSong Press: Arnold Jacobs books and breathing devices. A must see.

Thompson Edition, Inc. Comprehensive, unique source for horn music. A must see.

Hornplayer.net Must see.

INTERNATIONAL HORN SOCIETY - Welcome!: Support your local horn society! Please.

Osmun Music: Full Service Horn Destination.

Brass Arts Unlimited: Brass destination- lot's of good stuff!

Pope Instrument Repair: As Ken Pope says, "Everything Horn"

A & G Music Products: Excellent horn friendly shop with great repair for SF Bay Area

Moosewood Hornists' Requisites: Lots of mouthpieces and other goodies made by real hornplayers! A top mouthpiece maker.

Beethoven and Company: Tallahassee Florida Music store serves the south.

Thomas Bacon Horn Page: Always something interesting and informative.

Bob Ward's Homepage: SF Symphony Principal has some good ideas

Coda Music Technology: Smart Music accompaniment system. Amazing.

Hans Pizka: The Austrian connection. Rare editions and much, much more

Horn Bibliography: Auburn University

Paxman Horns

A Dennis Brain Page

Birdalone: Horn items of interest.

Music Instruments Directory

Good Music Guide: Discussion, Forums for Classical Music

Santa Clara University Music Department


deHaro Horns:

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