Internet Horn Lessons

The Future is Here. I can be your teacher- wherever you are!

I now offer online French Horn lessons using video conferencing. These lessons have been very successful. I have taught students on the East Coast, Mexico and South America. It takes a high speed internet line like DSL or Cable and a webcam, or better yet, a digital (firewire) camera.

Although this technology is still evolving, it is now possible to connect between any two computers using free software. If you are finding it hard to get lessons with a qualified teacher because of where you live, this could be the answer you are looking for.

These pictures are of me simulating an online horn lesson. You can see the camera to the left of the monitor in the top picture.

The sound is digital quality if you have external speakers for your computer. I can zoom in and out demonstrate everything from embouchure to breathing and posture. It is almost like having me in the room with you.

To top it all off, this is also a "Green" technology that is very efficient in terms of time and money. No travel time, no gasoline burned!

I will help you get set up at no charge to you. It is very simple.

Email me for more information.

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Another Possibility

I can also accept a Quicktime or mpeg video of your playing and send back a Quicktime movie of analysis and suggestions for you. These will be much like the "Buzzy Buzz" clip on the Video Page.

The video should have some closeups of your embouchure as well as more distant shots of your breathing, etc. I have used this technique with peo-ple who don't have high speed lines for video cnferencing.

If you have my book, I can help you use that better, too.

I accept PayPal for payment.

Email me for more info