Bear Valley 1998

If you climb up above the highest cabins in Bear Valley you are on Bloods Ridge. This is looking south. Yosemite is somewhere over those mountains.
The El Nino winter left some pretty good snow patches up on Wheeler Ridge. Of course we did have to climb back up after all the fun.
Having a night off means we can take a longer "dayhike". So Don and I head for Bull Run Peak. That's it, straight ahead. This is a nice hike but it just gets steeper and steeper as it goes along. Then you have to climb up some scree to get to the top.
Another peak "bagged". The rewards are great. I highly recommend this hike. The picture on the Home Page is from 1998 too- Arnot Peak. A really great hike. One of our group of three actually broke his ankle sliding down the snow and we had to walk him out 2 miles. Of course if we or he had known it was broken we might not have tried. But since it was getting late and help was far away in time if not in distance, we were lucky that we were able to get him out then.
The Bear Valley Horn Section 96,97
Left to right: Richard Burdick, George Nemeth, me, Janis Lieberman, Eric Achen

I subbed for Eric on principal in 96, played assistant with him in 97 ( when this picture was taken ) and took over first in 98 as Eric inherited some jobs in Sacramento that paid a lot more. Lucky me. To tell the truth, I would play any part just to hang out with the gang at Bear valley. Janis is second, George fourth, and Richard plays third and some first.

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