Yosemite July 1999 - The North Rim

To get to this view, one of the most majestic in the whole park, we hiked in from the Tioga Road near Porcupine Creek on the North Dome trail. Although it is a popular trail, and mostly down hill, we didn't run into many people. It was a perfect day for photography with clouds that blew in from the west. On the far left is Clouds Rest, a near 10,000 foot peak that we visited last year. Half Dome, a thousand feet shorter, is on the right with the Tenaya Creek canyon running below to the left. This is the largest exposed granite area in the park. Below is the view from North Dome.

On the way to North Dome there is a side trail to Indian Rock which has a wonderful arch right on top. Here we got our first great views of the trip.

A view of the valley west from North Dome. Yosemite Falls, our next days destination is on the right behind a ridge.

The next day we set out along the rim trail towards Yosemite Falls. It was misty at first but the sun broke through and it was another perfect day.

Just before you get to the falls there is a great place to stop and rest . Here we met the crowds coming up from the valley on the steep Yosemite Falls trail. If you were to float straight ahead down the river here, you would go over the edge and down over 3000 feet.

The view from the top of Yosemite Falls looking east into the valley. The whitish area in the middle is near Curry Village, where an avalanche occurred earlier in the year.

Below is the view looking straight down over the falls. Even in July it was impressive.

We seemed to have the whole place to ourselves except for the day hikers.

This was definitely a first rate trip. Really unsurpassed views, good campsites, beautiful surroundings and not crowded except at the falls. The only bad part was that the hike out was definitely up hill for six miles.

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