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Sildenafil Citrate


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Erectile dysfunction





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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 100 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 150 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 200 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce D

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50 tablet/s $80.00 $1.60
100 tablet/s $152.00 $1.52
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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 25 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 50 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce 120 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce Professional

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250 tablet/s $217.00 $0.87
Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce FM 100 Mg

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Cenforce 100Mg

Cenforce Soft

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Cenforce Detail— what is Cenforce

Cenforce belongs to the elite-class of generic-Viagra which keeps the erectile dysfunction at bay, especially during the sexual events. It has steadily cemented its place as one of the potent generic-drugs against the big-budgeted Viagra.

Three cheers to the aim of the drug: “It’s brought into existence only to restore your manhood by permitting your penile shaft to erect while indulging in sexual sessions.”

General Instruction

Erectile dysfunction is more prevalent than you think. It’s projected that more than 320 million men will suffer from impotence by 2025.

That’s the data which we have on paper based on the reported problems. In actuality, impotence often go unreported due to shame, humiliation, and social stigma it carries, thereby hiding the actual prevalence.

It’s a kind of problem which doesn’t have vaccines or antidotes; hence, it is to torment mankind until the planet earth ceases to exist. Although we can’t wipe off this dysfunction, we can manage it with the help of surgeries and drugs.


Although a lot of factors contribute to erectile dysfunction, each factor prevents the blood to inrush into the penis, thereby blocking erection.

All the medical conditions trigger phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5)— the enzymes which degrade the cGMP level in the blood.

cGMP is  a neurotransmitter which works as a bridge between the brain and the penis. When the body receives the sexual stimulation, cGMP carries these signals to the brain, and brings back the “erection response” to the penis.

In addition to it, cGMP is betterly known for relaxing the muscle in the periphery of the blood vessels which also includes the nerves in the penis.

However, the activated PDE5 torments these super-useful messengers which threatens the elasticity of the blood vessels, thereby limiting the blood flow in the penis and making them hard to stand during sex or even self-fantasy.

And this is when you need Cenforce as your go-to medicine as it’s one of the most desired Viagra-like drugs in the recent times.

People often compare Cenforce 100 vs Viagra, but it doesn’t make sense because both the drugs have the same spirited-content, i.e., Sildenafil Citrate.

Sildenafil Citrate helps the stiff blood vessels expand including those arteries in the penile region. It also blocks the action of PDE5, henceforth bringing cGMP levels back to life.

The efficacy of Sildenafil eventually causes erection with ease for hours in an ED-patient.

Chemical name

Cenforce, akin to Viagra, has Sildenafil Citrate. It’s the reason why it’s associated with Generic Viagra.

It’s a veteran chemical which has been in the medical arena for over two and a half decade for combating erectile dysfunction; however, the recent loss of Sildenafil patent by the Viagra-making companies has motivated many manufacturers to serve humanity through their sildenafil-tablets.


Centurion laboratories take immense delight in announcing Cenforce in several dosage forms.

The company oaths to give quick and cost-effective generic solutions in the favor of men distressed by erectile dysfunction. Along with providing the A-grade quality of medicine, it promises to deliver all the clinically tested and medically approved drugs under the supervision of regulatories.

Uses of Cenforce

Despite Cenforce is a temporary panacea for getting better of erectile dysfunction in men, it can be used to get rid of other conditions as well, which mostly relates to blood circulation in the body.

Here’s a brief list of additional medical advantages of Cenforce pills.

Primary indication:

  1. Sexual dysfunction (impotence in men).
  2. Helps in fending off depression linked with sexual dysfunction.

Secondary indication:

  1. Pulmonary hypertension (PAH)
  2. High-altitude pulmonary edema
  3. Raynaud’s phenomenon

Dosage of Cenforce

Cenforce comes in the variety of doses as the company feels the need of different pills based on their power and potency.

Cenforce family Series: Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 200 mg, Cenforce 150 mg, Cenforce d, Cenforce 50 mg, Cenforce 25, Cenforce professional.

Each number adjacent to Cenforce denotes the power of the drug, and depending on how your body perceives them, you can switch between them.

Here’s what your doctor would look before allotting you the dose.

  • Check if you are a beginner: If you are recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and if you haven’t used cenforce or its kind before, the doctor would most likely be pushy for Cenforce 50 mg or Cenforce 100 mg.
  • Reactivity in your body: It’s not necessary that the doctor’s prescription would suit your body at the first go. Your body may respond very well to the drug or it may negatively react. It’s a matter of inspection after a few weeks. If you are good to consume high-power dosage or if the previous dose doesn’t show any effect on your condition, the doctor would mostly elevate your dosage to cenforce 150 mg or cenforce 200 mg. In contrary to that, if your body doesn’t support the dosage, you will likely be advised to ingest Cenforce 25 mg.
  • How often do you get into sex: The dose of Cenforce also depends on how often you have sex in a day. If you are good to go for multiple-sex sessions in a day, the doctor would probably ask you to avoid Cenforce. As the effect of it stays for 4 to 5 hours, try having all the sessions within the stated time-limit.

How to take Cenforce?

The best Cenforce 100 reviews or Cenforce 50 reviews comes when it is admitted into the body through the oral route of administration.

The easiest way to intake Cenforce 120 mg tablets is by swallowing it down with the help of a glass of water.

A lot of ambitious-patients make ill-attempts to ingest the tablet through veins; however, instead of reflecting the quick action in your penis, it will reduce your blood pressure in the body which may bring potential danger to your life.

So, let the bioavailability of Sildenafil-based Cenforce remain 41% as any attempt to alter it through intravenous route may threaten your tolerance power and body on a whole.

Make sure that you get the complete Cenforce tablet into the body without breaking, grinding, or chewing.

How Cenforce Works?

The jam-packed chemical— Sildenafil citrate— in Cenforce goes into the bloodstream only to weave a halting-web against PDE5.

As the chemical blocks PDE5 from destroying the cGMP neurotransmitters, the circulation of blood improves in the penis.

Basically, cGMP creates space in corpus cavernosum— the spongy tissue which is known to store blood during an erection. Thus, the greater the space, the better the erection.

Side-effects of Cenforce

Like any traditional drug, we have mixed Cenforce reviews. Although Cenforce has assisted many men to get out of their sexual frustration, a fair lot of consumers criticize it for the side-adversaries. Usually, Cenforce 50 reviews, Cenforce 100 reviews, Cenforce professional reviews, etc. have revealed that it’s a safe medicine unless it’s taken beyond the prescribed limit.

Moreover, the susceptibility of side-adversaries increases with your newness. If you are new to the ED-medication, it’s possible that your body would reject the drug until it adjusts after few-weeks of dosage.

Here’re some of the mild Cenforce or Cenforce 100 side-effects.

Mild problems.

  1. Your new Cenforce dose over 50 mg may lead to mild to moderate headache for the first few weeks.
  2. Unbridled or new dosage may give rise to back pain.
  3. Rashes and Nausea are as common as headache in the new consumers.
  4. Other mild to moderate problems include stuffy nose, pain in muscles, dizziness, flushing, etc. which may discourage the choices of cenforce 100, Cenforce Soft or more users.

Severe problems.

  1. Priapism (Penile problems): The excessive intake of Cenforce 150 or Cenforce 200 mg without doctor’s instruction may shoot up your penis for more than 4 hours. It’s Priapism which may later result into permanent penile damage.
  2. NAION (Vision problems): If Cenforce 150 mg or Cenforce 200 mg are taken without the constricted limit, they may give rise to the visibility issues. A few men have complained that they see red or greenish spot, and other drug abusers have said that they see doughnut. Here’s the catch— a few of them have said that they have lost the complete visibility (NAION) which is mostly irreversible.
  3. Hearing problems (tinnitus): Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200, and Cenforce professional, if taken beyond the prescribed limits, result in mild-to severe hearing problems. In some cases, it causes a ringing sound in the ears whereas in other, it may lead to the complete loss of audibility.

Safety Information— is Cenforce Safe?

It’s natural that several questions will pop up in your mind if you are new with erectile dysfunction and Cenforce medication.

And it’s justifiable if you have to take it daily.

If you have safety questions regarding Cenforce FM 100, the truth is, Cenforce reviews have been preferable for everyone, especially when it is taken in the given limit.

Drug Interaction

A lot of drugs are contraindicated with Cenforce because they might cross-react with each other only to mute the effect of each other or potentiate the dangers to manifold. So, before you fall for any prescription, clear your medical history to the doctor.

It’s recommended to avoid Cenforce with

  1. Medicines like Nitroglycerin which have nitrate content.
  2. Medicines like Riocuglate which contain soluble guanylate cyclase.
  3. Alpha-blocker medicines like prazosin hydrochloride (Minipress), terazosin hydrochloride (Hytrin),  and doxazosin mesylate (Cardura). Alpha-blockers are vessel dilators for lowering down the blood pressure. Admitting Fildena and Alpha-blockers together may result in dipping blood pressure and fainting.
  4. Protease inhibitor drugs like indinavir (Crixivan), atazanavir (Reyataz), fosamprenavir (Lexiva), darunavir (Prezista), lopinavir/ritonavir (Kaletra) stop virus-multiplication but interfere with Fildena functioning.
  5. Any other medicine for treating ED like Tadalafil, Avanafil, Udenafil, etc.

Precautions to be taken care

  1. Its bioavailability is 41% on oral administration. Don’t take it through the venous route as its bioavailability will increase to 100%, which will open you to side-threats.
  2. It is not meant for women of any age group.
  3. It is meant for men aging above 18 years.
  4. Don’t chew the tablet.
  5. It doesn’t prevent you from sexually transmitted infection and disease. Don’t take it as a Protease inhibitor (Virus or infection killer).
  6. Read the entire patient information leaflet for the broader understanding of it.
  7. Don’t take it without prescription; your doctor would check the medical background for deciding your dose.
  8. Don’t get influenced by the use of your friends or acquaintances, use it only after you have shown to your certified physician.
  9. Don’t give it to any other person even if they have the same symptoms as that of yours.
  10. Don’t take it with other drugs. The excessive chemical in the body might cause dangerous side-effects— as harsh as a heart attack.
  11. Throw away the expired pills. Dispose of in such a way that it’s not discoverable to others.
  12. Don’t take it immediately with food, alcohol, beverages, or grape juice. The onset of the drug will get delayed.
  13. It’s not a sexual stimulant. You will need to be aroused to make it useful. So, make a note that you don’t consume it because it isn’t working.
  14. Don’t fall for duplicate or counterfeit products. Check the mark of the manufacturing company and get it confirmed by the doctor.

FAQs regarding Cenforce

We need to discuss all the queries regarding Cenforce because it’s never too late to learn everything about your drugs. Let’s quickly scroll through some of the frequently asked questions on Cenforce.

  • Is Cenforce the same as Cialis?

No. Cenforce and all its cousins have Sildenafil Citrate as the main compound. On the other hand, Cialis has Tadalafil as the active component. Both the drugs have different onset time, thereby having different effects on the body.

  • Can I take multiple pills in less than 24 hours?

No. Although you love frequent sex in a day, Cenforce is not the ideal medicine for you. Instead, you should look for other alternatives such as Cialis or its generic-types. Cenforce is strictly made to consume once in every 24 hours.

  • Can I take alternative medicines like Cenforce and Fildena?

Cenforce and Fildena, both have Sildenafil Citrate. They both have the similar reaction in the body. You can switch between these medicines if you are sticking to the same dose; however, it doesn’t make much sense to keep altering the tablets. Try all the companies, and see what suits you the best, and stick to it as long as you want.

Alternative Cenforce Family Series: Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 200 mg, Cenforce 150 mg, Cenforce d, Cenforce 50 mg, Cenforce 25, Cenforce professional.

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